Digital biopsy platform

Agoko is setting up a service that makes whole slide images for histology purposes digitally exchangeable.

This way we want to simplify the clinical process, ensure a higher accuracy for the diagnostic process and produce an online platform on which pathologists can collaborate.



For Whom?


Pathologists / Labs

Getting rid of physical barriers

On the Agoko platform, pathologists can collaborate by looking at the same whole slide images in a standard browser.

Via our SSL-secured, scanner vendor agnostic platform you can get rid of the fysical barriers to ask for your fellow experts’ opinions.

Scientific Boards

No Data Conversion

In research, quality is everything! Via our platform, no conversion of image data is necessary.

Being able to let different researchers view the same image without having to consider their location is above all very practical and faster than most workroutines today.


About Us

Agoko was founded in January 2015 and was born out of the inspiration of two Belgian pathologists. Their idea was that this new platform should offer them better service and value than what existing technologies could offer them today.

The Agoko team is built around the core knowledge of 2 Belgian Pathologists and 4 other partners who all have a background in relevant industries. Other experts are added to the team whenever is needed. This way, a team of 13 co-workers are putting Agoko to reality!


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9112 Sinaai – Belgium

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