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Our mission:

Improving patient healthcare by fostering and providing digital
telepathology services and expertise.


A one stop source for telepathology expertise and services

Combining its secure telepathology platform with its network of certified pathologists, Agoko can offer a unique and reliable
service of histology and pathology analyses to hospitals, laboratories, and companies worldwide.

Agoko's secure telepathology platform


Agoko's network of certified pathologists

Best in class platform for telepathology

Digital Pathology enables pathologists to perform their biopsy analyses on high resolution digital images anywhere, anytime.
The process of analyzing digital images remotely via an image server or cloud repository is commonly known as telepathology.

Agoko's telepathology platform offers a complete infrastructure to facilitate the exchange and analysis of
tissue samples and digital microscopy images.

Slide server

Using state-of-the-art technology from Pathomation,
storing whole slide images on our cloud servers or on
premise is easy and simple.

Storage on our servers is safe and secure. Retrieving and
viewing even the largest gigabyte images happens

Telepathology platform

A fully featured, automated workflow to manage diagnostic consultations, including
primary, secondary and interoperative diagnosis.

The platform is cloud based and integrates seamlessly with our slide servers. It
includes an embedded digital viewer which allows even the largest images to be
retrieved from the cloud, viewed and annotated at speeds comparable to a local

The system offers full audit trail, workflow management and reporting features, all
according to the highest privacy and security standards.

Evaluating, annotating and sharing whole slide images has never before been as
convenient and reliable.

Our network of certified expert pathologists

Agoko proudly relies on its international network of board certified pathologists to offer the most trustworthy
biopsies and diagnostic services in every field of histopathology and cytopathology.

Thanks to Agoko's proven telepathology solution, pathologists can provide their expertise to hospitals,
laboratories and research sites all over the world, anytime and anywhere the need for qualified
diagnosis arises.

Agoko's network represents an ever growing number of pathologists, ensuring that it finds the best expertise
in every histopathology and cytopathology specialization.

Agoko is an inspirer and co-founder of the International
TelePathology Foundation (ITPF), an international organization of
pathologists promoting digital pathology as the future standard and
acknowledging that telepathology will greatly contribute to patient
health care worldwide.


Agoko's Telepathology Platform and services have been implemented in various projects and a growing number of
hospitals and laboratories are relying on its diagnostic services.


We at Agoko are convinced that digital pathology will set new standards in terms of efficiency, productivity,
and reliability. Most importantly, it enables telepathology, a practice allowing pathologists to perform their biopsy
analyses on digital images anywhere and anytime. Telepathology allows expertise to be shared in primary and
secondary diagnosis and peer review and exploited in places where there is a short of seasoned pathologists.

Agoko's mission is to foster better treatment decisions and improve patient care by providing its digital
telepathology platform, services, and expertise to hospitals, laboratories, and clinical research sites worldwide.

By pathologists, for pathologists.

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